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Are you richer or poorer?

See your crypto investment history if you're richer or poorer.


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We work with your complex data to extract useful information and translate it into a simple format that can help you make investment decisions.

Multiple Wallet

You can manage multiple wallets from one place. No more writing your track record on multiple sheets.
Summary View all data in summary format, including running balance and P/L
Realized P/L View your profit or loss on a completed trade
Running Balance View your balance history, which can reveal specific time
Unrealized P/L View your profit or loss held in your current open positions
Average Cost View your crypto trading costs quickly to determine profit or loss.
Segregated Token View specific token performance to decide which to keep.

How much do you really invest?


Know every penny you invest and see if it’s really make profit or loss

Auto Sync

Our system will keep updating related data to ensure that you have the most up-to-date portfolio information.

Edit Cost Basis

Get the airdrop, friend gift, otc, or whatever, and want to set your own price? Yes, we offer this feature to help you.

How much do you really invest?